Are you an interior designer, decorator, florist or photographer and want to surprise your customers with quality and original decor?
Studio DecoFlorale will help you with this!

We know that many of the best ideas can come from outside, so cooperation with other organizations and companies is part of our business. Partnership and the development of new business areas - are our strategic priority.

Customers, as a rule, know what they want and have great taste, so it is very important to justify their expectations. We are ready to provide you with an original and unusual floral decor.

Cooperation with DecoFlorale guarantees you:

- Individual approach to each partner

- A wide range of products

- The ability to regularly update the decor for their locations, without buying each time a new product

We are open for cooperation and we will be glad to each new partner!

You can find out more information about cooperation with us in any convenient way for you:

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